Take a hike with us!


A supportive network of foundations, corporate sponsors, and private donors is at the heart of sustaining and building GoodLands’ innovative and global approach to transforming the environmental health of Catholic lands and surrounding communities. If you are interested in supporting our work, joining our board, or are currently a major contributor we would like to invite you to reach out, share your ideas and take a hike with us!


“Take a Hike” is a development program that provides an opportunity to connect GoodLanders with what matters most about our work also  -- glorifying God and helping our neighbors through the good stewardship of Catholic lands and the creative use of our gifts and resources. Our hikes provide  interesting and informative guided tours of urban and rural spaces. We learn about the human-built and wild natural areas we visit and how these two seemingly separate worlds can be designed to work together toward the benefit of a common good.


To inquire about taking a hike with us, please directly contact Executive Director Molly Burhans:


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Image background, GIS Layer Resources: Buffered_Road, CT DEP and USGS; Named_Waterbody_Polygon, ct.gov DEEP