Project Team

Molly Burhans, Executive Director/Founder

Molly combines her passion for people and the planet with her abilities and experience in design thinking, business development, and scientific research to understand and transform complex systems, manage diverse teams, and communicate ideas and processes through broadly-accessible media that brings people together. She is dedicated to increasing Catholic communities’ geographic understanding and use of geographic information systems technology for planning that can have positive global environmental and social impacts. Molly has an M.S. in Ecological Design from the Conway School, where she was her class’ Sustainable Communities Initiative Fellow, and a B.A. in Philosophy from Canisius College. She worked in a yeast genetics lab seasonally for several years and has created professional graphic media for over ten years, which been featured in publications such as Landscape Architecture Magazine, Nucleic Acids Research, and the Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence proceedings. She co-founded GroOperative, Inc. 5(a), an indoor-vertical farming worker-owned cooperative in Buffalo, NY, USA. She has been involved with the Vatican Youth Symposium, Vatican Arts and Technology Council, United Nations Youth Assembly, the Buckminster Fuller Catalyst program and has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences and institutions.

Matt Kuniholm, Director of Impact Assessment

Matt Kuniholm is an aspiring human-environment geographer with experience in environmental management and research in the public, private and academic sectors. Following undergraduate studies in biology and international relations, Matt spent two years living and working with a community-based agro-forestry association in the highlands of Guatemala. Through this work Matt supported indigenous efforts to manage community forests, establish community based tree nurseries, provide agricultural training programs and cooperatives, and monitor and protect the endangered Horned Guan and its habitat.


Upon returning to the United States, Matt spent six years working with a leading environmental consultancy where he gained experience evaluating and managing socio-environmental impacts associated with projects in renewable energy, infrastructure and natural resources throughout Central and South America. Based on this work, Matt was recognized as one of the International Association for Impact Assessment’s Global “Top 30 Under 30” Environmental Consultants in 2013.


Matt is now conducting PhD research in human-environment geography at the Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland and working as an environmental and social performance officer at an international development organization in Washington, D.C.


Debra Burhans, Developer and Data Manager

Debra Burhans is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Canisius College.  She has over 30 years of experience in data modeling, data extraction, and software development. Her areas of current research include bioinformatics data analysis, technology ethics, analysis of sensor data in real-time, and the integration of art and technology. Dr. Burhans has served as the Academic Mentor for an inner-city high-school STEP Program in Buffalo for the past 15 years.



This project would not be possible without the generous contributions of individuals and organizations who have volunteered, and continue to volunteer, their resources, time, talents, and hospitality. GoodLands is specifically grateful to:





ESRI, for a generous donation of access to research facilities, research staff, software, graphics and data.


Wolf | Josey Landscape Architecture; visualizing results


Individuals at various academic institutions


CouchSurfing hosts



and the many other individuals who have given, and continue to give time, resources, and guidance.


Thank you!


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Advisory Board

Rosanne Haggerty is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Community Solutions. She is an internationally recognized leader in developing innovative strategies to end homelessness and strengthen communities. In 1990, Rosanne founded Common Ground Community, a pioneer in the development of supportive housing and research-based practices that end homelessness. To have greater impact, she and her senior team launched Community Solutions in 2011 to help communities solve the problems that create and sustain homelessness. Rosanne is a MacArthur Foundation Fellow, Ashoka Senior Fellow and Hunt Alternative Fund Prime Mover. In 2012, she was awarded the Jane Jacobs medal for New Ideas and Activism from the Rockefeller Foundation. She serves on the boards of the Alliance for Veterans, Citizens Housing and Planning Council and Iraq-Afghanistan Veterans of America. She is a Life Trustee of Amherst College.

Fr. Robert Maloney was the 23rd Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission.  During his term of office (1992-2004), a heightened consciousness of the worldwide Family of St. Vincent de Paul, with its two million members, emerged and various collaborative ventures began internationally and nationally.  In 2005, after finishing his stay in Rome, he served as the chairperson of the international Vincentian Family Commission for Promoting Systemic Change.  In 2010, he coordinated the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative, which focused on micro-credit, education and nutrition.  At present, he serves as the administrator for DREAM, a joint project of the Community of Sant’Egidio and the Daughters of Charity for combatting HIV/AIDS in Africa.  He is the author of numerous books and articles.

Stephen M. Ervin is Assistant Dean for Information Technology at the Harvard Design School, Director of Computer Resources, and lecturer in the Department of Landscape Architecture, at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. His current interests include Geodesign, innovation in digitally enabled design teaching and learning, and algorithmic design. He is a pioneer in applications of computing in landscape architecture, planning and design.

Dana Tomlin currently serves on the faculty of University of Pennsylvania and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Tomlin’s teaching and research focus on the development and application of geographic information systems (GIS). He is Founder and Co-Director of Penn’s Cartographic Modeling Laboratory, originator of Map Algebra, and a member of the GIS Hall of Fame.

Paul Cawood Hellmund is principal and president of Hellmund Associates. He is an ecological designer and conservation planner with more than thirty years of professional experience. A Harvard-educated landscape architect and planner, he was born and raised in the Republic of Panama. He is an experienced facilitator, speaker, and writer on sustainability, conservation, and ecological design topics. For ten years he was president of the Conway School in Massachusetts and director of its graduate program in sustainable landscape planning and design. He currently serves as Visiting Fellow at the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at Colorado State University.

Stephen Thor Johnson is the President of North American Land Trust. He has a long career in conservation as a scientist, state government official, land trust executive, real estate development professional and as a consultant.

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