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GoodLands provides planning information, insights and services to organizations and individuals. We equip our clients to lead in regenerative property solutions by providing a comprehensive understanding of land and its potential for good. GoodLands approach is redefining the future of land-use planning by providing cloud-based information products that not only give our clients clear direction, but keep stakeholders accountable, track implementation and impact, and adjust plans over time for maximum impact. Our use of a cloud-based system makes real estate and finance planning, and environmental and social stewardship strategies easy to comprehend, manage, and track at every scale for stakeholders involved with a plan and its implementation.


We are focused on helping the Catholic community with land management, since it is one of the largest networks of properties in the world, however, we offer our services to a wide range of public and private organizations.



Comprehensive Master Planning


Environmental Master Planning


Social Impact Planning


Tax Risk Assessment


Climate Change Risk Assessment


Regenerative Real Estate


Carbon Credit Strategy


Land-Use Negotiations


Conservation Planning


Ecosystems Service Evaluations


Clean Energy Master Planning


Food Security Planning

Land + Property Solutions

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Making Land Work For Good.

GoodLands was founded on the understanding that land and property management has a moral dimension. Land is one of the highest leverage points that we have to transform to world into a better place. Land-use is planning grounded in scientific analyses and connected to local needs allows us to make good, sustainable decisions about our built, managed, and natural environments that can have positive impacts for generations to come. The following stories are real and hypothetical case studies (as indicated) surrounding the use of scientifically and socially accountable land-use planning.

Sisters Leave a Conservation Legacy

Diocese Avoids Bankruptcy

Catholics Conserve Critical Land in Brazil

Stanford Medical Center Saves >$22m

Coffee Company Makes Jobs + Profit

Addressing Rare Earth Mining + Slavery

Connectivity Brought to African Communities

Catholic Health Care Addresses an Epidemic

The GoodLands Difference

  • We work to understand our clients needs and values and coherently address these as a whole with property management.
  • We take information products to the next level by delivering a powerful cloud-based platform that helps your organization stay on track, improve your approach, and measure the impact of our property solutions.
  • Our platform delivery system provides you a simple system of records for continuing property management and a system of engagement for your organization and stakeholders.
  • Reports and analytics are all delivered in accessible written and visual formats. All data behind reports is reusable and complies with ISO formats. We hold high data quality and meta-data standards so that you can understand the information you have honestly and can ensure it is being used appropriately.
  • Our cloud-based solution provides a platform to simply bring together key partners for implementation and reduces work redundancy across organizations, making it simpler for your organization to put plans into action.
  • GoodLands has the largest database of Catholic geospatial data, and we are the initiators of the Catholic Community Spatial Data Infrastructure as part of the Vatican Arts and Technology Council initiative affiliated with the Holy See. For pre-screened Catholic-affiliate clients, access to our existing data can significantly reduce time and costs for projects.

Global Planning


Regional Planning

How we Work (Click to Learn More)

Operational Strategies

Coherence from the parcel scale to the global: Enable coherent communication across scales along with project evolution and improvement on each scale.




Top-Down Planning, Bottom-Up Community Involvement: Work synchronously from the top to reveal opportunities and facilitate high-impact changes with communities on the ground.



Connecting existing networks to get from analysis to action: Cultivate and activate a network of resources already in the community that can help educate about suggestions and make landscape changes.



Transference: Internal reapplication of basic models and pre-assembled frameworks and theoretical reapplication of frameworks by other organizations. Spatial Data Infrastructure reduces redundancy and increases simple geospatial data transference among Catholic communities.



Accessibility: Accessible project operations, accessible data analyses, and simple educational materials that make landscape ecology, conservation, and geodesign approachable for the general public.


We offer our services to nonprofit and for-profit organizations, as well as private clients and governmental entities.


GoodLands curates the largest geodatabase of Catholic information, has up-to-date geospatial information about the global Catholic community, and has a unique understanding of the various ways it operates. We are committed to helping Catholic organizations increase their location understanding through map making and re-inspiring a rich tradition of cartography in the Church.


Collaborative Funding


For research centers, faith-based organizations, NGOs, and governments we offer a collaborative fundraising service. We will work with your team to seek additional financial support you may need to cover the costs of map making. Time commitments, additional overhead and conditions are clearly delegated for both parties during an initial assessment session.






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