An Ecological Plan for a diocese developed on a regional scale could lay the groundwork for ecologically sound planning of the Catholic Church’s lands on a global scale. Development of a plan on a regional scale would allow the diocese to demonstrate how to approach the management and use of Church lands on a global scale in ways that address the urgent call to care for creation that resonates through the most recent Papal Encyclical, Laudato Si’. The diocese-scale project could provide a prototype for other dioceses to model land-based practices...

Regional Projects

Laudato Si', calling to care for Creation:

We hope to see a crowd-sourced based map of Catholic-affiliate lands. Having an initially established spatial database for a global vision will allow information gathered at the local level to seamlessly feed to broader scale analysis work.

A Global Network


We understand human-driven climate change as part of a larger systemic problem, linked with other social justice and environmental justice concerns. We employ a geodesign framework to reveal how social and environmental justice concerns can be addressed through planning and design at a variety of scales.

Envisioning a Global Understanding of Church Lands

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