A Global Vision:

Understanding the Church Spatially


In the face of human-driven climate change and massive displacement of people we believe that it is essential that the Church's land-use and facilities are planned and managed in ways that can help decrease, or at least not contribute to, the effects of climate change. The broadest scale of opportunity for the church is a global assessment of her lands. In order to consider making this big vision plausible, we are setting up a global mapping system that will provide an interface that allows information input from religious communities interested in participating, around the world. Our vision is big; it is about crowd-sourcing information, connecting existing networks, whole-systems design, and education. It is also about hope--the hope that the Catholic Church will seek to increase the spatial understanding of her operations, socially, fiscally, and environmentally, to better harness the potential within her lands to do good.

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Image background, GIS Layer Resources: Buffered_Road, CT DEP and USGS; Named_Waterbody_Polygon, ct.gov DEEP