The Catholic Geographic Information Systems Center (CGISC) is a developing organization which houses our mapping initiatives. The CGISC provides the necessary data management and policy framework to reduce collection redundancy, improve data, save resources, and allow Catholic communities to securely share and collect geospatial data with other Catholic organizations.


A GeoHub as part of the CGISC, such as the one pictured above, illustrates a basic framework for data sharing among various stakeholders with multiple levels of security, collaboration, and use.

Level 0 (current): Advocacy


Level 1: Beta Data Portal


Level 3: Hub


Level 4: Enterprise GIS


Catholic GIS Development

The Catholic GeoHub is a program of the Catholic Geographic Information Systems Center. It is a geospatial information center that facilitates spatially-based decision making and ministry at various levels of the Catholic Church and affiliated organizations by enabling efficient and secure access, retrieval and dissemination of geospatial data and information.


If you are affiliated with a major Catholic Order, Community, NGO, or other Catholic Organization and would like to discuss becoming a CGISC partner, please fill out this form.

About the Catholic GIS Center

A Hub of Geographic Information

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