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For Investors - GoodLands


In order to meet current demand for GoodLands map making, data systems, and planning services we are seeking investors to provide the necessary start-up capital ($708,550) to bring our organization to its initial operating capacity. Please contact for additional information.



Donations: Donation of necessary funding, includes consideration for board membership.


Low-Interest or No-Interest Loan: Investing for social and environmental impact with limited financial return on investment, includes consideration for board membership.


Revenue-Returned Loan: anticipated return of investment begins 1.25 years after the loan is provided. Return of $177,136.33 each year for four years is provided if GoodLands meets revenue goals, otherwise it is paid off in an agreed upon proportionate amount to revenue. Once the loan is fully paid off the investor(s) will collectively receive 5% of profit each year for 3 years with a cap of $1,500,000. Investment includes consideration for board membership.


Venture Capital is not appropriate for our organization's structure and development plan.

For Investors - GoodLands Maps

Modern technology allows us to communicate in near-real time around the world. Within this globalized context, we can no longer ignore the global geographic reality that permeates our everyday life. Sustainably moving the Church forward in the age of globalization presents an opportunity, or perhaps a necessity, to integrate a new global vision of the Church and her people, unified in faith and mission, to build a better world. We can help to share this inspiring global vision of the Church through map products that we curate and sell.

We are currently seeking:


  • Investor(s) to provide $500K funding in the form of a revenue based loan.
  • B2B sales and advertising connections
  • A deal with a major publisher for a coffee-table atlas that tells an inspiring story about the Catholic faith around the world.


Profits from our map product sales will go towards helping religious communities plan and implement sustainable land-use strategies.

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GoodLands is a fiscally sponsored nonprofit. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. 7% of all donations for GoodLands up to $50,000 are contributed to our fiscal sponsors at Community Solutions.