As part of the Catholic Geographic System the Catholic GIS Center works synergistically with GoodLands and Catholic Geographic to bring together values and scientific information in actionable ways.


When GoodLands completes environmental planning work, it stands up a local location platform as part of our enterprise geographic information system (eGIS), so that communities can have the tools they need to continue ecological planning and information updates after we complete our initial project.



By providing a hub for knowledge management, communities don’t have to invest in their own SaaS, or IaaS, and we reduce costly maintenance and data collection redundancy across Catholic organizations. This all helps us, and Catholic communities around the world, to implement geodesign environmental planning to understand their relation to local conditions and respond to the stewardship calling of Laudato Si’ through a process that is rapid, sustainable, measurable, and globally scalable.


Our mission is to facilitate digital transformation of Catholic organizations and increased interoperability among the global Catholic community by providing a hub of Catholic data, knowledge management, and data infrastructure that enables efficient and secure access, retrieval and dissemination of information, while providing a platform marketplace for Catholic organizations to share their data with and help finance their missions.

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