Setting our Foundation in the Land


GoodLands was founded on the premise that as we care for the earth, thoughtful land-management strategies foster a clean environment, promote public health, address social justice concerns, add beauty to the world, support life in its many species, and allow us to glorify God through our care for Creation. Working with individual religious communities, parishes, and organizations will provide GoodLands team an opportunity to demonstrate how ecological design can help Catholic communities adopt forward-looking land-use and management practices to create positive change in all the areas of environmental protection outlined in the encyclical Laudato Si’.  We believe that Catholic communities across the world have an opportunity to use their lands to lead not just by words, but also by witness. We hope to work with communities to reveal ways in which their land can be used for greater good. While much of GoodLands’s work will involve computer-aided cartography analyzing many properties at once, this scale of project is very important because it will help Catholic communities to fully understand their individual property’s potential in a way that will allow them to take the next vital steps toward making ecologically-minded changes to their landscape.



A general parcel-scale project for a residential religious community includes the following:

Please contact us about becoming a Parcel Partner if you are:


A religious community, college or university, hospital, parish, or other Catholic group interested in participating in our Parcel Partners Program


A Landscape Architecture, environmental management, or engineering firm with a verifiable track record in sustainable and ecologically-sound design, management, and implementation strategies interested in becoming a parcel partner


An ecologist interested in partnering with the PPP for research


Creation of a relevant and respectful ten-year action plan that addresses:


  • preservation of the most critical part of the landscape


  • cost savings through low-impact landscaping and attention to energy efficiency and conservation through landscaping decisions


  • ways in which the space can be made more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly for the community


  • A land management strategy that takes into consideration the expected decrease in the community population over the next decade


Involvement of landscape architecture and biological baseline survey partners (bioblitz).


Community involvement in terms of helping us to understand the land and the ways in which the community uses it.
















Bioblitz: is an event in which teams of volunteer scientists, families, students, teachers, and other community members work together to find and identify as many species of plants, animals, microbes, fungi, and other organisms as possible.

Time Frame:


Ideal start during late spring or early summer for bioblitz team.


3.5 months from start to completion.


Through our Parcel Partners Program we seek to  help religious communities, universities, parishes, and other Catholic institutions build a sustainable future through comprehensive analysis and planning based on land use. This work may result in job creation in design, landscaping, and ecological restoration. It has the potential to impact ecological health, community well-being, food security, and water quality in and around the sites where GoodLands Parcel Partners Program works.

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