GoodLands’ goal is to help the Catholic Church make her landholdings become a vehicle for positive global environmental and social change through geographic information technologies and community involvement.


Current Initiatives

The structures page contains graphics that illustrate the strategy and management behind our planning work. As the project develops, existing structures will evolve and more will be added.


Every small donation will help us to cover startup costs as we begin to implement GoodLands. Please click here if you would like to learn more about how to donate to the project or become a supporting financial partner.


Our vision is big; it is about crowd-sourcing information, connecting existing networks, whole-systems design, and education. It is also about hope--the hope that the Catholic Church will seek to increase the spatial understanding of her operations, socially, fiscally, and environmentally, to better harness the potential within her lands to do good.

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Image background, GIS Layer Resources: Buffered_Road, CT DEP and USGS; Named_Waterbody_Polygon, ct.gov DEEP